Archway Bridge

Work will begin on Monday 10th June 2019 to erect anti-suicide measures on the bridge, the main element being the erection of 3m high fences in front of the existing parapets. The work will be carried out 24 hours a day and should be completed in three weeks. Round-the-clock work is required for site security, to mitigate against the use of the work for attempt suicides and to coordinate lane closures on Archway Road, with noisy operations completed by 11pm. The work will take place on one side at a time, pedestrians being diverted to the opposite side and single file traffic being controlled by temporary lights. A letter has apparently been distributed to residents on Hornsey Lane and adjacent side roads. More info on our Bridge page, and you can read reports from the Highgate Society and a history of the bridge prepared for TfL.

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Archway Tavern

The Archway Tavern pub was touted to reopen on May 18th, ending a long-running campaign to bring it back into use, but that appears to be wishful thinking. Rumour has it that the opening date might now be September, but don’t hold your breath See article in the Islington Gazette.

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Methodist Hall

Controversial plans to convert the old Archway Methodist Hall into an office block have been rejected by Islington. See article in the Islington Gazette and our Development pages.

Methodist Hall


Cuppa with a Copper

“Cuppa with a Copper” is an opportunity to meet and discuss issues with our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team. Check the venue, as the usual one, our local cafe ‘Cappuchino’, seems to be no longer open. A full list is on the Hillrise SNT website.

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Activities at St. Andrew’s

Dads & Kids drop-in, Zumba classes for all ages, badminton and more. Details on their newly-updated website.

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Islington Events Diary

Find events and activities taking place across Islington - sports, music, games, keep fit, community events, and much more. You can also add your own events for free. See their website.

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Articles that are time-expired but might still be of relevance can be found on the NEWS ARCHIVE page.

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