We’re hoping to showcase the talents and achievements of our local residents. So, if you have a skill, service or talent that you’d like to advertise or share, or if you’d simply like to blow your own trumpet, let us know at w-gen-enq.
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Rosemary Seton

Rosemary Seton has recently published her book Western Daughters in Eastern Lands, which gives a narrative history of the experiences and impact of British missionary women in China, India and Africa. Download her flyer or email her.
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Ian Keable

Ian Keable is a professional magician and speaker (an accredited lecturer for NADFAS) who performs a show about Charles Dickens as a magician, called The Secret World of Charles Dickens. He has also recently written a book called Charles Dickens Magician, which is available from his website.
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Tina Seskis

Tina Seskis has published a new novel, One Step Too Far. The story, about a young wife and mother who walks out of her life to start all over again in Finsbury Park, is set around the local area and has already had great reviews. See her website tinaseskis.com.
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Hannah Jackson

House Therapy, created by Hannah Jackson, utilises ten years practice with families, working with a team in people’s family homes tackling emotional issues with household management. “I found that making a few simple changes in the home could resolve many issues from sleepless nights to marital breakdowns”. She has moved on from offering this service to educating people so that they can apply House Therapy themselves. House Therapy includes crafts, deep cleaning and recycling as well as good money management. Contact her at London Recycle Reuse Re-invent Meetup.